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Category Things to Do
Created 2011-12-28
Business Name Jenkinson's Aquarium
Description Jenkinson's Aquarium is located on the boardwalk in Point Pleasant, NJ. The Aquarium has proven to be a valuable educational and recreational resource, and is dedicated to educating the public on all aspects of marine life and conservation. Each exhibit is designed to promote awareness of the animals, their habitats, and conservation. The exhibits give you the opportunity to get close up to animals from around the globe. Another attraction, the touch tank, allows visitors to touch live animals ranging from a sea star to a sting ray! In addition to the educational exhibits, the aquarium offers workshops for children of all ages! Either in the aquarium or the community, the staff will greet you in a courteous and professional manner. The staff is always on hand to answer any questions you have while visiting, making it an educational and enjoyable experience. On your way out, take the fun home with you after browsing through the aquarium Gift Shop which has an extensive selection of marine related products.
Jenkinson's Aquarium